Bear finally gets to Jerusalem!! (and I finally get to tell you about it!!)

Bear had heard Katie was poorly, so flew home from his latest trip to visit her in hospital.

He couldn’t stay long as he had a flight to catch, to Jerusalem, he was NOT going to miss it this time!! He is so pleased he didnt, as he had a great time, he visited the wailing wall of Jerusalem, the dome of the rock Jerusalem and swam in the Dead Sea!! adding a further 4490 miles to his total!


In the Autumn last year, Bear took a fantastic trip over to Asia, where he had some wonderful photos taken and even got beautiful pictures of Mount Everest, take a look at the ‘Bear’s Asian Adventure’, where you can view his photo’s and read all about his trip!! This trip gave him an amazing 12,693 miles together with his 4490 miles in Jerusalem, Bear has now travelled 111,929 miles around the the world!!! How about that??

1 year, 1 bear, 1 birthday and 94745 miles!!


Whilst Bear was enjoying his Australian trip some weeks ago, Katie was celebrating her 6th birthday, here she is with her Daddy and her 2 year old twin siblings Aaron and Amy.

Bear had a great time in Australia, where he visted the Sydney Opera House and even experienced possibly the worst dust storm seen in Australia for fifty years, it was like ‘Life on Mars’ !! Pictures from Bear’s trip ‘down under’ will be uploaded shortly, this trip takes Bear’s mileage to a staggering 94745 !!!!

Bear Around The World was launched in September 2008, and during that time, Bear has travelled to over 20 different destinations around the world and almost all 7 continents had he not missed his flight to Jeruselam back in April!!! he has mingled with celebrities, completed the London marathon and jumped from a plane at 12,000 feet!!! but most importantly, he has raised an amazing £6790 towards building Katie’s sensory room… well done Bear!!

Bear is all camped out!!


Where's Bear?

Bear landed in Seoul after a very long 12 hour flight from London, as you can imagine he was very tired, so spent the next 3 days staying at a nice hotel before his girl guides camping trip!

He joined the girl guides on their 12th International Girl Scout Camp, Incheon, South Korea. The weather was very hot so Bear spent most of the day in the shade - he talked to the local Girl Scouts who were very interested in him, he went to the Teddy Bear museum, plus the opening and closing ceremonies.

Bear had a great time and in the process added a further 11,038 miles to his total, bringing it to a staggering 73,579 miles travelled around the world!

Bear has set off to Australia for a fabulous 3 week trip with Bryan & Julie, I am sure he will have great time, cant wait for the photos, will keep you posted!

Sun, Sea, Sand, seriously what more could a bear ask for?

Bear had a fabulous time in Spain with Sally, Katie & family. They stayed in the beautiful holiday village of Benalmadena on Spain’s Costa del Sol. Bear felt well and truly at home on this trip and was even known to join the entertainment staff up on stage on more than one occasion (and his dancing was pretty good too!!) look out next years Britains Got Talent or should that be Bear’s Got talent???

When he wasnt showing off his talents, he spent his days swimming, sunbathing and generally relaxing with Katie. A huge thank you to Sally, Katie, Paul, Ben, Dave, Lucy, Chris & Kath for inviting Bear along and looking after him so well!!

This Spanish siesta added a further 2104 miles to Bear’s total, bringing it to an astonishing 62,541 miles!!  To view Bear’s Spanish photo’s Click here or visit our Photos page on the menu bar!

Bear’s next journey takes him camping in Soeul, South Korea, where he will be joining the Girl Guides on an International Camping Trip!! Be prepared Bear!!

Bear’s African adventure gets him another 2584 miles!!

A huge Thank you to Gemma & Martin for Bear’s latest adventure!!

Bear had a fantastic time in the beautiful resort of Port el Kantaoui, Tunisia. He spent most days splashing in the pool, relaxing on his favourite sunbed and thoroughly enjoying all the food and drink on offer (I am sure he has gained a lb or two on this trip!!).

Bear had a lovely day shopping in nearby Sousse and was even bought a new pet to bring home to share with Katie, a cute little camel thats fits neatly in his little back pack arrrrhhh! He thoroughly enjoyed his trips to the beach and even climbed a palm tree.

Bear had a brilliant time in Tunisia with Gemma & Martin, and also added another 2584 miles to his total, Bear’s miles now stand at an amazing 60437 miles!!!  isn’t that fantastic? Have a look at a few of his Tunisian photos here!

Bear is currently in Spain with another little Katie who I am sure is spoiling him silly, see you again soon Bear!

57853 miles and 12,000 feet later…. and a record breaker!!

Bear is still going strong with his fundraising efforts for Katie! We are very proud of you Bear!!

Bear jumped from an aeroplane at 12,000 feet, and no he wasnt ending it all, in fact maybe it is only the beginning!

Bear with the help of a couple of very dear friends, did his first parachute jump, can you believe it? you are so brave Bear!!

Huge thanks to Jacqui & Sukh for jumping, of course Bear couldnt have done it without you! xxx

More parachute pictures here, and dvd to follow!!


Bear is also now a world record breaker and will be making his way to the Guinness Book of World Records 2009…. (okay so maybe Bear didnt actually break the record alone, and of course being a bear couldnt officially register, but whos getting technical?)

Along with 851 others, Bear helped break the Guinness World Record for ‘The most people to play the same song, in same place, at the same time on the ukulele’ !!!

Congratulations and Well Done to all 851 of you!!

Bear has just returned from a fabulous break in Tunisia with Gemma & Martin, look out for details and pics shortly!!

Bear ‘Had The Time of His Life’ !!




Bear’s West End debut saw him at London’s Aldwych Theatre for what can only be described as a brilliant show!








with Bear’s recent celebrity status, he found himself at the stage door!!




and he was lucky enough to meet the stars Leanne Rowe and Martin Harvey…… aka Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman and Johnny Castle






I carried a watermelon?!!!








All in all, Bear really had ‘The Time Of His Life’ and so did Katie’s Mum and Dad. A big Thank You to Production Manager David Curl and the stars of Dirty Dancing, Leanne Rowe and Martin Harvey!!!!